Roof Cleaning Services

A dirty roof can be disappointing. Not only does it give your house a shoddy appearance, but it also displays to the world what kind of personality you possess. A dirty roof worsens the condition of your roofing tiles, and may lead to costly replacements in the future. Our company uses pressure cleaning that will remove any kind of algae, moss, lichen, and dust. Our roof cleaning process will create a new, admirable look into your roof.

Professional roof cleaning a Sydney home does more than just restore the roof’s color and improve your property’s curb appeal. A thorough roof cleaning can protect shingles and tiles from long-term damage and also alert you to areas of needed roof repair! Roof Repairs Sydney offers years of specialized experience in roof cleaning, and our services are second to none when it comes to keeping your home’s entire exterior in pristine condition.

We offer a wide array of roof maintenance services in Sydney and surrounding areas. When we inspect your roof, we will only recommend repairs and services that we are certain will benefit you. We never try to upsell unnecessarily.

Our trained experts clean roofs efficiently using top-of-the-line equipment and safely using state-of-the-art fall protection. Our professional and courteous teams are careful of landscaping and protect the integrity of your roof.

Composite Roof Cleaning

We offer specialized roofing services, such as composition roof cleaning and roof repair, to help the residents of Sydney enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained, dry, sturdy and reliable composition roof for a lifetime.

Tile Roof Cleaning

If you too have a tile roof adding to the beauty and efficiency of your building, you can have the expert tile roof repair and tile roof cleaning services offered by Roof Repairs Sydney. These include:

  • Tile roof inspection
  • Tile roof maintenance
  • Tile roof cleaning
  • Tile roof repair & replacement

Cedar Roof Cleaning

Over time your cedar shingles lose their luster and will require some maintenance. We help preserve your roof with a thorough cleaning and protective sealant application. For long-term strength and durability, our restoration program is an affordable solution to maintain a healthy roof. We can use the same process to clean decks, fences, and even cedar siding.

Metal Roof Cleaning

Metal roofs are generally the most durable out of all roof types and require far less frequent cleanings, however they still need a good cleaning every 5-7 years to prevent significant algae build up and rusting. Our standard metal roof cleaning method is pressure washing, although we also offer to simply remove roof debris on a yearly basis if the customer desires.

When you choose us for your roof repair services, you will get:

Affordable rates with every roofing job

Years of local roofing experience

Qualified roofers with full training

Extensive guarantees on all our work

Free estimates & free consultations

Local specialised roofers

We believe in honesty and perfection, so all work will be at a fair price and carried out to the greatest of standards. Call us 0481 518 554 to see for yourselves.

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